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January 21, 2018
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Updated: Jan. 21 (20:59)

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Windsor firefighters' calendar raises $15K
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Feb 22, 2013
Dec 02, 2012

Feb 09, 2011

Sep 13, 2010

Apartment fire in Coatesville, PA on Septemer 12, 2010.

Our deepest concerns and well wishes go out to the Fire Fighters involved and their families.


Apr 05, 2010


Local 104 tips its hat to Dunmore Fire Chief  Chris DeNaples for telling the truth about unsafe staffing.


DUNMORE, LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- Firefighters in part of Lackawanna County say staffing cuts are putting lives at risk. And now they say they have proof.

A double block home in Dunmore is a total loss after a fire on Marion Street Thursday evening. Eyewitness News spoke with the fire chief who says recent cuts have put the borough at risk.

Just before 5:00 Thursday, smoke and flames tore through a double-block home at 1320-1322 Marion Street in Dunmore.

Right from the first alarm, firefighters say they were behind. Dumore Fire Chief Chris DeNaples said, "We were under the 8-ball right from the beginning. We pulled up here with three guys in one truck due to the staffing cuts council made back in February. We're just lucky someone wasn't hurt or killed here. If it was the middle of the night, the outcome would have been a lot worse."

One person was inside the building at the time. He got out safely. A total of six people are now homeless though.

Jeff Perri owns the building and lives there with his wife and two children. He got a call at work in Tobyhanna and rushed home. "I saw the flames when I got off the exit believe it or not, when I got off 380, I saw the flames and smoke from the exit, so I knew it couldn't have been good," he said.

The back of the home sustained the most damage. This is where the fire may have started. The flames were so strong, part of the roof collapsed.

The fire chief hopes to never have a repeat of the lack of staffing that he did at this emergency. "Hopefully this will open some eyes up for council members and they'll do the right thing with this in the near future," said DeNaples.

This part of Marion Street is no stranger to fires. In July 2007 the home right next door also burned to the ground. That fire was called arson. The firebug has never been caught.

"Today, I don't know what happened. I don't know what was the cause of the fire but I'm sure they did the best they could do," said Perri.


Apr 02, 2010

A News story about the state of volunteer Fire Departments.



  A lack of new volunteers could soon force a Union County fire company to make some major changes.

Fire Board Chairman Larry Erdley said, "We need people from the community to step up and say, 'Yeah, I'll participate.'"

That's the message from fire officials at the William Cameron Engine Company in Lewisburg.

The department currently has about 35 active members, and serves five local municipalities.

But dwindling volunteer numbers over the past decade have left them in a precarious situation.

Erdley explained, "We want to continue to operate as a volunteer company because it is far less expensive to the residents of the community."

Some say that may no longer be possible.

Tara Humphrey, of Lewisburg, noted, "With over-commitments, whether it's to your children and all the activities that are available to them, or work commitments, that sort of thing, people just tend to have less time on their hands."

It hasn't happened yet, but Erdley fears the day will come when there aren't enough volunteers to answer emergency calls here.

Fire officials say if more volunteers don't step up they may have to transition to a paid fire company.

It's a move that some people would support.

Erdley said, "If there are not volunteers that are able to provide the service, that's Plan B."

But firefighters say, make no mistake, a paid department would come at a greater cost to residents, most likely in the form of a tax hike.

Humphrey argued, "Fire coverage is necessary. So if the only way to provide that fire coverage is to have it be a paid cost, then it has to be a paid cost. Nobody wants to see more money going out of their pocket, but we need to have fire coverage."

Fire officials say volunteers are needed for all kinds of jobs and duties.

For more information, contact the William Cameron Engine Company at 570-524-2295 or visit

Aug 26, 2009

No new Hires in seven years too.

Jun 07, 2009

Longer version:

Mar 24, 2009

A video explaining NFPA 1710.  A National Standard for Fire Department staffing and response.

Prior to 2004, there was enough Wilkes-Barre Fire Fighters on duty to meet the requirements of NFPA 1710.

The Administration decision to reduce staffing levels to only 14 Fire Fighters in 2004, then 12 in 2010, and then 11 in 2012 prohibits putting enough Fire Fighters on the fire ground to meet this safety standard.

Nov 16, 2008

Nov 16, 2008

Dec 27, 2008

Mar 24, 2009

Coming soon to the W-B area.

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